About Us


One Body United has the goal of becoming the connective tissues between churches in the First Coast Area. We believe that God’s hand is on this region for this season and our work is outside the walls of the local church.

We are not a church, but we are kingdom builders called to equip the church.

Our Vision


We see a world in which the Church is united in the mission of the gospel. We are operating in complete unity and the world knows that God sent His Son and that He loves us.

Our Mission

  • Unite the Church in worship. (e.g. regional worship, worship in the park, etc.)
  • Unite the Church in evangelistic outreach initiatives. (via door2door, block parties, days of hope, Jesus weekends, etc.)
  • Unite the Church in missional movements. (e.g. Saturate, Homeless initiatives, etc.)

Scope of Ministry

  • First Coast/NEFL Ministry
  • Support local multi-church evangelism efforts
  • Provide equipping tools (Evangelistic, Discipleship, etc)
  • Regional projects – Transforming communities spiritually, economically and developmentally
  • Regional worship

Ministry Structure


We are a 501(c)3, board-led nonprofit. Our Board of Directors consists of pastors and Christian leaders in the community. Additionally, we have an accountability board that holds the president and other board members accountable to Christian conduct we should expect from our leaders.

We are looking to expand our board to represent the community in a broader way.  Please contact us if you have interest.

For partnership opportunities, please contact Christopher White.
[email protected]

Our goal is to become the connective tissue between churches in the First Coast. We believe that God’s hand is on this region!

Won't you join us?