Reach 32209

A Local Missions Focus

Reach 32209 is is a long-term initiative with the goal of addressing the triangle of poverty — Transportation, Jobs, and Food — in Northwest Jacksonville.

In 32209, the problems are complex because there are issues with employment, transportation and food. Any one of these issues is difficult enough, but when multiple issues exist it becomes a cycle of poverty. More than 50% of the households in this zip code earn below the poverty level. We are looking to build a coalition of churches, ministries, business leaders and city-wide resources to help resolve the food desert issue in the 32209 zip code.  “Food Deserts” are communities where it is difficult to find groceries and/or fresh vegetables.

In Acts 2 the church stepped in to help meet the needs of the community.  Let’s be that Church again and help those in need.

A group of kids having fun.